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Environmental design

Cogenera autonomously develops, for each project, the environmental impact evaluation, with a methodological approach to foresee all the direct, indirect, induced, permanent and temporary effects of the project on the environment.

The procedure is aimed to verify the compatibility of the project with the environment where it will be built; all the predictable effects of any environmental component are analysed, from atmosphere to noise, from hydrical environment to soil, from material goods to landscape, from ecosystems to social environment.

Cogenera is in charge of developing:

  • Territorial analysis;
  • Environmental constraints analysis and alternative solutions;
  • Qualitative and quantitative study of emissions in the atmosphere, emission balances, technical solutions to reduce atmosphere polluting emissions, flue gas treatment, combustion product analysis systems, combustion regulation and optimization;
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of hydraulic discharges and identification of best treatment options;
  • Provisional study of acoustic impacts with surveys before and after the installation;
  • Preliminary evaluation of electromagnetic fields;
Environmental design

Some projects

Here some projects realized by Cogenera regarding the environmental design are presented.

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