Activity and Service

Construction and energy design

To support the plant design, Cogenera is able to develop architectural and structural design, to modify facades, bases, interspacing for piping, technical tunnels, supports and carpentry, truss for chimneys.
The energy design is the base of any project. Its aim is to define precisely the energy needs of a building or a process.

Cogenera is in charge of developing:

  • Analysis of consumptions profiles;
  • Energy audit, power calculation, dynamic operation study;
  • Design and choice of components and coefficients of partialization;
  • Operational balance;
  • Incentives calculations for energy efficiency or renewable sources interventions;
  • Design and choices of components respecting the minimum environmental criteria (CAM);
  • Choice of energy monitoring devices and writing of control and verification of energy savings (according to the IPMVP);
Construction and energy design

Some projects.

Here some projects realized by Cogenera regarding the construction and energy design are presented.

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