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Thermo-mechanical design

Cogenera conducts thermo-mechanical design of any kind of technological plant both in civil and industrial environments: from complex cogeneration and trigeneration plants to climatization plants, from water, air and steam plants to gas plants, from fire safety plants to industrial process plants.

Cogenera is in charge of developing:

  • Process flow diagram (PFD) with mass and energy balance;
  • Choice of components, data sheets, technical specifications for machines, components of systems;
  • Calculations and design, lines classification and PED categorization;
  • Fluid dynamics studies and analyses;
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID);
  • Regulation logic definition;
  • Interconnection study with existing plants;
  • Layout, isometric sketch, 3D model, design of supports and carpentry;
  • List of materials (piping, supports, insulations, paintings);
  • Stress analysis and calculations;
  • Safety analysis, risk analysis, PED technical report, maintenance plans;
Thermo-mechanical design

Some projects

Here some projects realized by Cogenera regarding the thermo-mechanical design are presented.

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