News 14 February 2024

Cogenera joins the Incico SpA group

Cogenera joins the INCICO group. With a total turnover of 20 million and more than 250 specialized engineers, the new entity consolidates its position in the Italian engineering market.

Incico, a Ferrara-based company that is among the leading players in Italy for the design of industrial and next-generation plants, has made the acquisition of Cogenera, an engineering company that operates nationwide, offering the industrial and tertiary sectors technical solutions aimed at optimizing energy processes and safeguarding the environment.

Cogenera will remain operational and will continue to carry out its activities at its current location, with the same technical staff and management, while keeping its contractual relationships with its clients unchanged.

Cogenera will then be able to draw on Incico’s expertise and structure to be increasingly competitive in the energy efficiency market with a particular focus on the healthcare, large tertiary and power plant sectors. With a view to continuous improvement and perfecting multidisciplinarity, Incico will bring high expertise and know-how in the disciplines: building-structures, geotechnics, process engineering and automation.

Similarly, Cogenera’s experience will be able to add value to Incico’s orders for the energy approach to projects, knowledge of public procurement and environmental engineering in addition to the development of authorization procedures.

Incico’s new partner represents a well-established international reference point for Cogenera in the sectors of large-scale industry, public infrastructure and in the field of large-scale renewable energy plants.
To its loyal Clients, Cogenera will thus be able to offer an even wider range of qualified services, guaranteeing the usual reliability and quality of its engineering.

Cogenera CEO and partner Danilo Bonzi stressed, “Today’s transaction confirms our desire to grow, pursuing one of our main objectives, total multidisciplinarity in high energy performance projects. Incico, with more than two hundred professionals spread over a dozen technical disciplines and with a client base of high international caliber, is an ideal partner in this regard.

Olivier Severini, CEO of Incico said, “We want to become a consulting and engineering group specializing in the design of sustainable and highly advanced engineering solutions. Cogenera is a perfect match for our ambition and working methodology, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach and excellence in energy efficiency.”

Confident that we can count you among our esteemed Clients in the future as well, we remain at your disposal for any clarifications.