News 14 November 2022


On Wednesday, November 9, Cogenera’s offices welcomed a large Japanese delegation from Panasonic’s HVAC division.

The reason for the visit was Panasonic’s desire to expand its market related to absorption chillers in Europe. To date, in fact, the Japanese company is the leader in the domestic market and very strong in Asia and Oceania, but has little presence in Italy and Europe in general.
Cogenera was therefore identified as one of the main engineering companies in Italy for the cogeneration and trigeneration field and therefore contacted for this first cognitive meeting. This fact makes us proud and makes us understand how the continuous improvement path undertaken years ago is bringing important results that are also being recognized from the outside.

The meeting was an opportunity for mutual acquaintance and we hope it will lead to professional growth for both entities.

We renew our thanks to Panasonic and thus look forward to the invitation to Tokyo.