News 28 February 2022

Work continues in Goltara

Work in progress at the T.U. of Bergamo, Goltara power station of A2A.

The project, in which Cogenera actively participated, foresees the realization of an accumulation of about 4.000 cubic meters, the related pumping station and the interconnection with the REA power plant in Dalmine.

The project is part of the Bergamo+Green city plan that foresees the connection of the district heating networks of Bergamo and Dalmine, exploiting the heat recovery from both waste-to-energy plants and significantly reducing, thanks to the new storage, the peak thermal production from conventional sources.

In this project Cogenera has been involved in both the preliminary and executive design of the plants and has also actively participated in the construction phase, studying in detail the fluid-dynamic functioning of the system at various thermal loads, as well as refining the stress-analysis study.